I research a lot of tools and applications on my phone, computer and tablet.   I guess you could say I have turned my passion for apps and tools into a hobby.  I have decided to share my interests with the world so they may try out these apps and tools I recommend on my blog.
The first tool I am introducing today is called Rainmeter.   It’s a pretty nifty piece of software that allows you to change your user interface and customize your computer.  I attached a photo of my desktop to show what skins I chose from rainmeter.net.
As you can see, all the light stuff at the top of the background are parts of rainmeter skins.  I have the computer commands on the top left corner.  The time and date in the top middle and the calendar on the top right.  The skins are user friendly and easily customized. I made the images on my computer small, translucent and conveniently positioned.
Rainmeter is available for free on both PC and Mac computers.  Just go to rainmeter.net to download and install rainmeter then look through the various skins and download the ones you might like.  Take a look. You won’t regret it.  In case you are wondering, the background/wallpaper on my computer is actually a picture of Transylvania Castle that I found online that is not part of Rainmeter.


Computer Desktop